Illegals granted Social Security Benefits.

The Senate voted yesterday to allow illegal aliens to collect Social Security benefits based on past illegal employment — even if the job was obtained through forged or stolen documents.

“There was a felony they were committing, and now they can’t be prosecuted. That sounds like amnesty to me,” said Sen. John Ensign, the Nevada Republican who offered the amendment yesterday to strip out those provisions of the immigration reform bill. “It just boggles the mind how people could be against this amendment.”


I think I need to puke. WTF, I mean… WTF!?  What in the hell are they thinking? Illegal is illegal. It’s a crime for them to be here. It’s a crime for them to work here.  It’s a crime for the companies that hire them to allow them to work here. We have an illegal alien as President and nobody will do anything about it. The illegal alien in the White House is giving the country away to whoever allows him to remain in power and whoever has cash.

The American public is being raped and beaten. We scream for help and are ignored by our military. The same military that has sworn to uphold the United States Constitution and protect us from our enemies, both foreign and domestic.  We have a turd in the White House and somebody needs to flush before the aroma drifts out into the hallway. It’s already smelling up the west wing and I fear that it is too late for us to save ourselves.

I’m going to hit the head so I can piss, puke, and cry.  Just click on the link below to read the rest of the story.

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Looking for jobs? Security? Don’t Look For It In The United States…

“Any president whose actions so consistently refute his own words must have deep contempt for the intelligence of the American public.”
The obama administration told U.S. owned Hawker Beechcraft  they are being excluded from bidding on the US Air Force contract for a light attack aircraft. That leaves Brazilian owned Embraer as the likely recipient of the lucrative deal. I found this one hard to believe so I did a little research. It was tough because this was completely ignored by the main stream media. The information is out there on several conservative sites. Please see the two articles linked below.
This is a double slap in the face of the United States. At a time when jobs, the economy, and security are the most critical priorities for our country, the Obama administration decides to send a defense contract to a foreign owned company.
This has to be the stupidest thing this administration has done to date. This is not just a dumb decision, it is a perfect example of why this president is such a poor leader. He talks about wanting jobs. He says we need to force companies to repatriate billions of dollars that Americans keep overseas. He wants to raise taxes so he can spend billions on stimulus that does nothing to stimulate anything.
And when it’s time to act, he sends our tax dollars overseas at the expense of American jobs and income for an American company. This is nothing more than a Chicago-style political pay back; but this time it is at the expense of our national security.
How much more damage will obama be allowed to do in the next 12 months? One of the lead stories in the media this week blasted congress for insider trading. If this contract goes to Embraer it will be a huge pay off to another George Soros company.
When will the 4th estate do it’s constitutionally protected job and expose the real obama to the American people?
Article from REDSTATE Posted by Ben HoweMonday, November 21st at 6:00AM EST:
Article from WORLDPRESS By Gary P Jackson|NOVEMBER 22, 2011 · 4:17 PM
We can no longer depend on the media to pass on any news that might be construed as negative towards the democrats.
Please pass these articles to your friends to insure they get the information lacking from so much of today’s liberal press.

NO WEAPONS ALLOWED!! (Updated 2011-12-08)

I am looking for businesses that have begun posting “No Weapons” in Wisconsin.  If you see a business that is posted please send an e-mail to with the name and contact information for them.  You may also inform them that posting their business with a “No Weapons Allowed” sign switches the liability of your safety from yourself to the business owner. The state law provides that businesses who allow concealed carry on their property will be immune from any liability as a result of that decision. All businesses submitted will be added to the list and posted at:, and also on FaceBook at:

  Click here to see the list —–>  Wisconsin No Weapons Postings 2011-12-08

* Remember to support those businesses that support your rights. *

The Second Amendment Isn’t Always About Protecting Yourself From Bad Humans.

Guns protect you from dangerous things and humans are not the only dangerous things out there.  I have first hand experience with this.   I’m in Arizona during the winter and Coyotes like to walk the streets looking for rabbits. If there’re only one or two scavenging iit isn’t bad.  They won’t attack a full grown man or woman.  But if they’re really hungry they will pack up and start to follow people around. A weapon can be very handy in cases like that.   Gun Control isn’t really about the guns, it’s about the control.  ~ Jeff
Just Outside Soldotna, Alaska
King season is over, and since I had a day off before silvers start, I thought I would go for a walk!  This occurred at 11:16 am this morning (Sunday), just 2/10 of a mile from my house.ON OUR ROAD while walking my dogs (ironically trying to get in shape for hunting season!) for the record.  This is in a residential area-not back in the woods.  No bow hunting. No stealth occurring.I heard a twig snap.  And looked back.  Full on charge-a huge Brownie, ears back, head low and motorin’ full speed!  Came with zero warning; no Woof, no popping of the teeth, no standing up, nothing like what you think or see on TV!  It charged from less than 20 yards and was on me in about one-second!  Totally surreal.  I just started shooting in the general direction.  And praise God that my second shot (or was it my third?) rolled him at 5 feet and he skidded to a stop 10 feet BEYOND where I was shooting from.  I actually sidestepped him and fell over backwards on the last shot.  And his momentum carried him to a stop past where I fired my first shot!It was a prehistoric old boar.  No teeth.  No fat.  Weighed between 900-1000 Lbs and took five men to DRAG it onto a tilt-bed trailer!  Big bear.   Its paw measured out at about a 9-1/2 inches!Never-ever-thought ‘it’ would happen to me!   It’s always some other Shmuck….. Right?Well, no bull.  I am still high on adrenaline.  With my gut in a knot (felt like I did 10000 crunches without stopping)!  Almost puked for an hour after.  Had the burps and couldn’t even stand up as the troopers conducted their investigation!  Totally wiped me out.  Can’t even put that feeling into words.By far the most emotion I have ever felt at once!No doubt that God was with me, as I brought my Ruger .454 Casull (and some “hot” 350 grain solids) just for the heck of it.  And managed to draw and snap shoot (pointed, never even aimed!) from the hip!  Total luck shot!All I can say is Praise God for my safety and for choosing to leave the wife and kids at home on this walk!

Now if anyone starts making noises about taking away your right to protect yourself with a gun, we need to let them know where we stand.

Wisconsin Posted Businesses -“No Weapons Allowed”: Updated 11-15-2011

If you know of a business in Wisconsin that does not allow you your right to protect yourself and family while on their premises and it is not listed here or if you see an error on this list please e-mail me at: with the business address and contact information so I can keep this list current.  I will update and re-post this list on a weekly basis at:

Thank you,

J. Frawley, Sr.

Business Name Address City Phone Number
Memorial Drive Veterinary Clinic 1415 Memorial Drive Manitowoc (920) 682-6558
PDQ Gas and Mini Mart 400 Prospect Ave. North Fon Du Lac (920) 922-5006
Evergreens Supper Club, , , WI 54615 1095 Apollo Road Black River Falls  (608) 272-3202