Special Announcement and Request

Dear Friends, Neighbors and Countrymen,

Join the others in Manitowoc County and let’s send a message to Washington D.C. There is no reason to implement laws that everyone knows will not work. They won’t even give you that good feeling that some ineffective laws will. Help us by getting your local Sheriff involved and having him stand on our side. The Constitutional side. He is voted in and hired by the people in the county that he serves. It is up to us too remind him who he serves. So read the letter by Keith and sign up and help. We need your help more than you’ll ever know. This coming gun grab will be the worse ever seen in our lifetimes.

Thank you All, -=[ J. Frawley, Sr. ]=-


Dear Friends,

The Constitutional Sheriff’s Posse website can now be accessed by going to www.constitutionalsheriffsposse.com

I would like to thank everyone that has joined the Constitutional Sheriff’s Posse Website. We are experiencing tremendous growth as the American people are rallying to support the Constitutional Sheriff across the nation. We have already created over 3,000 county websites and plan to have a website for every county within a few days.

In order to cover the costs of maintaining the website we are suggesting that our members make a donation of $3.95 each month. The donation is voluntary and on the websites
s Main Page there is a button near the top of the column on the right hand side of the page. You can also click on the link provided below.

Even the hungriest lion can not eat an elephant but an army of ants can devour the best in a matter of minutes. To restore our Constitutional Republic we are going to need an army of determined Patriots to come together to devour the government that has taken over our country.

Thank you for your support and participation in the movement to support the County Sheriffs that are protecting our rights and defending our Constitution.

Keith Broaders


Constitutional Sheriff’s Posse

Visit Constitutional Sheriff’s Posse at: http://www.constitutionalsheriffsposse.com/


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