George W. And B.O. ~ A Humorous Comparison.

George Bush and Barack Obama somehow ended up at the same barber shop. As they sat there, each being worked on by a different barber, not a word was spoken.  The barbers were even afraid to start a conversation, for fear it would turn to politics.

As the barbers finished their shaves, the one who had Obama in his chair reached for the aftershave.
Obama was quick to stop him saying, ‘No thanks, my wife Michelle will smell that and think I’ve been in a whorehouse.’

The second barber turned to Bush and said, ‘How about you sir ?’
Bush replied, ‘Go ahead; my wife doesn’t know what the inside of a whorehouse smells like.’


Laser Lights!

We went all out this year. Christmas became the time for joy and refinancing our bank loans. We even went a little overboard when we picked out gifts for our two cats Alex and April.

We decided that we wanted something fun for them and also fun for us. Something that could bring us closer together as a family. Debbi found the Perr-r-r-rfect gift. After much consideration we broke down and spent big dollars on a pen laser light.

That was good for us because we couldn’t afford to over excite ourselves and possibly cause out hearts to beat irregularly. All we have to do is point the pen and push the button.

Our cats could chase the red light around the room and try to catch it. They would get all of the exercise that they needed along with the satisfaction of knowing they were being very entertaining for their human family. What more could two thoughtful cats want?!

Little did I know at the time that cats were as smart as they are. I never realized that they had the skills to do problem solving at that level. It only took a day or so of games with them before they figured it out. Our cover was blown and all of the fun stopped.

Now when they see the red dot on the floor or the wall they just shake their heads, look at each other, and walk over to me and stare at my hand.

They know! Did they figure this out on their own? Who could have told them?!

I just have to wonder, could it have been Man’s best friend, Sage? The puppy that we trust with all of the family secrets! The dog we took in and saved from certain euthanasia? Would he treat his human family with such disregard?

As I look at him napping in his warm and fuzzy bed across the room I find it hard to believe that he would stoop to such levels. But then again, maybe he didn’t appreciate the training shock collar we got HIM for Christmas.

I guess we’ll never really know but I will make sure Sage understands that I will be watching him and looking for any future information leaks.

With button in hand, I’ll be watching. I’m just sayin’…

* J. Frawley, Sr.

Winter In Wisconsin…


It’s winter  in Wisconsin
And  the gentle breezes blow
Seventy  miles an hour
At  thirty-five  below.

Oh, how I  love Wisconsin
When the  snow’s up to your butt
You take a  breath of winter
And your  nose gets frozen  shut.

Yes, the  weather here is  wonderful
So I guess  I’ll hang around
I could  never leave Wisconsin

Cuz I’m frozen to  the ground!

Have  a great day…



I get irritated when people come down on our police officers, saying that they don’t care. Well, here is a story that shows not all cops are in that category.

The Fredericksburg, Tx. Police Department reported finding a man’s body last Saturday in the Pedernales River near the HW-87 Bridge. The dead man’s name would not be released until his family had been notified. The victim apparently drowned due to excessive beer consumption while visiting “someone” in Kerrville, Tx. He was wearing black fishnet stockings, a red garter belt, a pink G-string, purple lipstick, and an Obama T-shirt. The police removed the Obama T-shirt to spare his family any unnecessary embarrassment.

See, Police do care.